The Basic Rules of Engineering Translation

At first glance, translation and engineering may not seem very compatible topics. But translators can have a lot of roles in this field. They may be necessary in the preparation of detailed specifications and drawings in accordance with the actual standards of this field, and also in compiling approved project schedules and planned budget.

Engineering – a prolific field, which needs work of translators. Technical texts require clear and accurate translation that saves all starting values of terms. There are situations in engineering industry, in which translation services are necessary. Here are some examples: technical drawings, service manuals, plans of different types, technical patents, reports, characteristics, safety instructions, responses to the request for purchase, academic writings, which are relating to the topic etc. It must be said that for a translator it’s very important to learn engineering terminology perfectly and know this subject.

The first rule of engineering translation — have an expert in this field since even the most insignificant mistake can lead to serious consequences. That’s why it’s so important for a translator to have technical skills. Thus, a translator will know subtle differences between technical names, which are widely used in many fields and many countries. Besides, a lack of understanding of the subject or complete incomprehension may result in life-threatening mistakes, if it’s a need for translation, for example, of safety instructions. So translators have to take extreme caution to all details. They need to read a lot of publications of this topic, check for all inaccuracies in text even before the beginning of translation. After finishing translation it’s required to reach out to other experts to ensure that everything was done properly.

Precision and consistency are the most important elements for Russian translation in the field of engineering. It’s necessary to avoid excessively long and complex phrases, but try not to change meanings of phrases. If it’s required to translate a safety instruction or academic work on the topic, a translator has to stick to very definite style. Those who will read this translation have to able to understand, what author wants to convey. Even if it comes to engineering, technical sphere, a translator should agree on phrases to make a text more understandable for a reader.

Translation is also necessary for creating technical documentation, catalogues, online training manuals, labels, marketing materials, text books or multimedia teaching materials, technical offers, websites, hardware and software intended for an interface user.

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