The Best Proofreading and Editing Services for Clients

Many people believe that proofreading and editing are identical things. Of course, there exist some similarities between these two processes, but that will be that. If the proofreading of a translation can be made in the space of a half an hour, the editing of the same text will take at least 2-4 hours.

So, what is the proofreading? In fact, it is a checking of the translation in order to find different grammar, spelling, and syntactic mistakes. It is a so called literacy correction without paying attention to terminology and appropriate use of particular words. The proofreading cost amounts to one fourth of the translation cost. Recently, proofreaders have successfully been replaced by numerous programs aimed to find and correct the mistakes within offered texts.

Now let us hunt down the question of what is the editing? First of all, it is a collation of the terminology used. Almost every term that was used in the translation undergoes a strong correspondence analysis. Our editors conduct consultations with singly-discipline specialists, especially those from a customer company. This cooperation will help to get rid of improper use of different terms. Traditionally, the editors only comment on the cases of mismatching, the rest of work i.e. the correcting of mistakes and improvement of the whole text is to be done by the translator. If there is such a need, the editing can be followed by the proofreading. Sometimes the editors use machine translation systems to replace the incorrect terms but these devices are useful processing small texts only. So, we can say that they are unable to fully supersede human labour from this market.

The cost of the editing with the further proofreading is almost the same as that of the translation itself. There are also some cases when the editing is even more expensive. But it can happen only if the translation is of really poor quality.

The proofreading and editing allow the translated text to obtain a complete image, general coherence, and terminological consistency. Such a professional approach is necessary to uphold the international service standards stated above.

Emily Green, USA

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