The Best Translation for WordPress

Most themes for WordPress are written in English and do not have translation into the Russian language, though some of them do have their Russian variants. This article will tell you how to translate the themes that lack the needed variant of the translation.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that it is wrong to translate English lines within dependent files. This mistake is made by almost every programmer and user of WordPress. The resource applies a special technology that obliges an initial programming code to be written in English. It allows translating the product from English into any other language. In other words you are able to translate the themes for WordPress not changing their source code. Moreover, your translation will be in force even with new updating.

Unfortunately, not every theme can be “duly” translated. It depends upon the fact if the theme has been prepared for translation by a creator. It is very easy to find a theme ready for translation. A special mark “translation-ready” is used for it and means that you are able to translate the theme without recourse to the source code.

If you downloaded a theme not from an official directory, then you would be able find the above mentioned information on the designer’s website. But we remind you that you should download the themes only from official resources. Otherwise, it is quite dangerous.

After you have downloaded the theme for translation, find there directory languages. It contains file for translation itself and patterns for additional translation into different languages. The file name corresponds with a locale of every particular language. For the Russian language it is ru_RU.

The translation files have format .po and .mo. Files .po contain the translated lines in report form. The theme translator work with these files. Files .mo have the same lines but in a compiled variant. They are processed by WordPress to display the translation. When the translation was edited in file .po, it would be compiled to file .mo. This will empower the changes. As a result, you obtain the translated theme. But there are a few programs capable to perform all the above mentioned automatically.

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