The Best Translators for Tourists

People from all over the world like traveling. Some of them prefer active holidays with diving, ski, and mountain climbing while others enjoy cultural leisure with different excursions and exhibitions. There are also such people who do not have enough money to order an excursion or just are not much for them. But what are they to do in this case? Does it really mean that they must stay at home to watch TV and surf the Internet?

On no account! Especially for such people there have been developed different audio guides. They are very useful since the people listen to them while walking or driving a car. They allow the tourists to get acquainted with the local culture and sightseeing attractions without attending expensive museums, excursions, exhibitions, and boring sightsmen.

In order to distribute cultural possessions not only among inland visitors but also among foreign tourist the audio guides must be translated. This process is rather difficult because it combines simultaneously peculiarities of translation and interpretation. The fact is that sometimes the audio guides lack written variants. It means that at first the audio guide must be written down. As a rule this task is performed by an assistant, rather than a translator himself.

Then goes the translation itself. This kind of the translation has its own characteristic features. For example, the translator must avoid an abundant use of dates because they are very difficult for human brain to conceive. Pay particular attention that complex grammatical structures must be excluded from the translation since the audio guides are designed to people who do not speak fluently the target language. By no means insert in your translation very detailed descriptions of every sight because they are really tiring. Finally, you must remember that your translated text is not to last more than three minutes.

After all the previous steps have been done the text in the target language must be recorded for foreign visitors. This step is performed by a specialist in a sound-recording room. The most important thing here is that the texts must be interesting and agreeable to the hearing.

Andrew Smith, England

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Jennifer Morel, Australia

I was impressed by quality and speed of this Service. It is unreal, but it is truth.