The Requirements of Translation for Employment Agencies

An employment or recruitment agency is an intermediary in the labor market, an organization that provides services to employers on search and selection of staff and/or provides services to applicants on job search and job placement, and also other related services.

The expansion of foreign economic activity obliges companies to move to international standards of human resources policy, and therefore, translation of documents relating to the recruitment and management of staff is increasingly becoming a necessity.

An access to the international market, engaging foreign experts, development of joint ventures involve a preliminary analysis of documents and a need to adapt all the necessary materials, which must be translated to a foreign language.

Translation services may provide translation of the directions offered by employment agencies to employers, such as the documentation of HR consulting, HR audit, coaching, trainings, materials of training and staff development, personnel assessment, staff motivation, outstaffing and staff leasing, outsourcing HR activities, including the functions of personnel accounting and HR administration, outplacement and others. And also translation of related services provided to applicants, such as preparation and translation of résumés, trainings, consulting services, etc.

Cases, in which you should use translation services from English to Russian:

• the absence of full-time translator;
• there is a massive recruitment from other countries (the use of only its own resources may be impossible or unprofitable);
• there is a need to hire many foreign workers in the shortest possible time;
• translation services, which a company can’t provide on its own (foreign study, testing, evaluation and others) are required;
• it’ necessary to find a rare specialist abroad;
• when performing interregional search;
• for direct searching of foreign experts on management positions;
• if you need a professional consultation with foreign companies on the labor market.

Specificity of translation

The main requirement for translation for employment agencies is thoroughness and accuracy since mistakes in translation of such documentation are very expensive.

In addition to thoroughness and accuracy, successful implementation of, for example, coaching and training translation requires knowledge of specific terminology in management, wording and clichés.

Translators of translation services are not only perfectly know foreign languages, but also have special knowledge in the field of personnel policy, as well as necessary experience with the documents of personnel selection and management. We believe it’s a necessary condition to perform high-quality translation for recruitment agencies.

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