Tips for Freelance Translators

When we hear “public relations”, we usually imagine celebrities and large corporations and do not associate them with a freelance translator. Freelancers could think that the PR would be unimportant for them. Today we have a great number of courses how to work at a translation market, but we can hardly find any information about the PR for a translator. Marketing is naturally important, but we must take into account that while the marketing tells us about a brand, the PR reveal hidden information.

Every business regardless of its size depends finally upon its reputation to survive and prosper at the market. A client and journalistic opinions concerning the business can have a great impact on it. In fact, the reputation can be one of the most important assets of the business at the modern competitive and unstable market. Moreover, the successful PR are the biggest effect that can be achieved for the smallest amount of expenditures. The public relations are ideal for the freelance translators who want to increase traffic of their web-sites, lure customers, make their brands more popular, as well as generally improve their reputation. It is especially useful if a translator specializes in the technical translation i.e. he or she can perform an adequate translation of any technical materials.

The Main Economically Effective Steps for Freelance Translators

Interviews. Do not neglect open interviews that show professional translators or provide translators with prospective possibilities after their publication in different sources. Clients may find your services in different branch publications while looking for language assistance.

Press releases. Publish a press release if something has been changed in your business. Maybe, you have added a new service to your profile. Inform the target audience about it; it can be very useful for them.

Reviews. You have come across any publications that can be of some interest for your colleagues and clients. Spend the time to write a review and send it to appropriate web-sites.

Quotations. Look for opportunities to mention your services in appropriate publications. They can include local newspapers, newsletters to the translation association or trade magazines.

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