Translation afloat

Though all the kinds of translation have some common peculiarities, marine translation alone has its own characteristic features. First of all a translator must pay attention to translation process modification, minimize departures from an original content, reach the highest level of equivalence, and introduce particular adaptive elements. These things help the translator to analyze a text given for the translation in the most precise way and classify it as a separate kind of translation, which will allow to freely understand and use specialized marine vocabulary.

The marine translation of different materials can be classified according to two main principles, and namely to a character of translated texts i.e. based on the genre peculiarities of a source text and to a character of the proper translation during its rendering. The first group comprises fiction and informative translations, while the second group falls into translation and interpreting.

General classification of the translations into kinds, subspecies, and types assists the translator to determine a difficulty level, theme, and future translation techniques, which is very useful in the sphere of the marine translation. In such a manner this information can reveal specificity of every kind of the translation, because even their theoretical division provides invaluable assistance during the translation itself. The translation practice can not exist without the theoretical materials since only a detailed theoretical analysis of marine texts will help the specialists to select appropriate equivalents for special lexicon and perform the adequate translations.

The equivalent and faithful translation of the marine materials demands from the language professionals to consider particular specialties of this kind of the translation. Today there exist a lot of different theories that can help during the translation of all the single-disciplined materials including the marine texts.

The conclusion of everything mentioned above can be reduced to the high importance of the theoretical knowledge during the marine translation.

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