Translation and Translators of Wills from Foreign Language

In legal relations that arise between people from different countries documentation at least in two copies — in two languages — is required. Since even the smallest detail in documents has legal force, importance of accuracy of translation is difficult to overestimate.

In this regard, it’s also necessary to verify documents by a translator and lawyer. Thus, a translator conducts a bridge between two states, extending power of a will.

What a translator needs to know about a will?

One of the types of legal translation is translation of a will. This document contains such details as a place of identification and a date of signing. There are such types of wills:

• regular (notarially certified);
• equated to a notarized;
• created in emergency circumstances;
• closed.

A will is based on legal grounds of a country in which it’s written by a testator. However, a receipt of property will have to be formalized according to the legal rules of a country in which it’s located.

A translator of a will should understand that it must necessarily be signed by a notary. They can also help in drafting of a document, but on the basis of a will of a testator, who determines what will happen to his/her property after his/her death. In this case, sometimes, according to the procedure of translation of a will, the presence of witnesses is necessary.

Thus, a will must be translated by a specialist who knows not only a foreign language, but also the sequence of legal procedures. A translator compiles a document taking into account the legal vocabulary and official style of paperwork.

Accurate and competent translation of a will

A will is a serious document; therefore, mistakes in it are inadmissible. A competent lawyer will help you to obtain a legal share in the case if a document is translated. If you want the transfer of property to be as simple as possible, it’s necessary to pay attention to professional translation of a will.

Specialists of translation services have a wide experience of legal translations, as well as provide notarization of documents. Thus, you can entrust such a serious matter to professionals. We will promptly execute your order with an adequate cost, which doesn’t depend on the size of the amounts in a will.

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