Translation Costs: why so much?

Translation costs are not an easy question. They depend upon a volume of a text, its difficulty level, time of translation, specification of materials, and, of course, quality of translation.

The translation costs are determined in an amount of one standard page (1800 printed characters with spaces). To tell the truth, such calculations are not very convenient, because texts under translation can be held in different formats. Usually they represent text files in DOC formats with size 14. In this case a page contains approximately the above mentioned number of characters. But if a translator must deal with PowerPoint formats, a single page can contain far more characters. It means that the translator does more work for smaller amount of money.

However, in some countries these costs are calculated on the basis of 1000 printed characters with spaces. It is much better, because a translator is paid a salary according to the volume of work he or she executed.

The best way to find a professional translator is to surf the Internet. There are a lot of proposals from translation firms, agencies, and individual specialists, but they all offer different costs. Here everything depends upon a particular kind of translation services you need. For example, a medical translation will be more expensive than translation of technical documents or private correspondence. This fact is predetermined by difficulty and importance of source materials. Naturally, one should not forget about geographical peculiarities of the translation costs. Every country has its own market price of the translation services.

In fact, costs offered by different translation firms are much higher than the market price. It can be explained by the following moments:

1) every company wants to realize profit;

2) every company must pay translators for their services;

3) every company must bear different maintenance charges.

At the same time do not forget about such additional services provided by translation firms as notarized translation and proofreading that are also not cheap.

As for individual specialists, their services will cost less, but their works must be of rather high quality, since the reputation plays a significant role at the translation market.

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