Translation for Clients and Customers

Every manual and specification must contain appropriate information in order clients correctly, purposefully and economically use a product. Such a document will also help to erect, accommodate, merge, maintain, store and utilize a product. If a product consists of several parts, the manual must be accompanied by the list of such parts.

Manuals and specifications must be adequately translated in order to be clear. Different consumer protection communities pay great attention to manuals. If a consumer has bought a product without a manual or a specification, he or she has the right to return the product or demand the refund of the sum.

Translation of manuals and specifications from English into Russian has its own peculiarities and requirements that are very important both for translators and clients. First of all, it is specificity. This term refers to a close cooperation between a translator and a client. In other words, they must previously discuss translation costs, execution time, and appearance of a target text. As for the translation costs, the best method of their calculating is that based on the number of words. This method is suitable for both sides, since so a client does not overpay and a translator obtains a fair profit. The cooperation will also help to improve the quality of target texts, since only clients know for sure a real meaning of source materials.

The second peculiarity refers to unified terms. This moment is very important since it helps to avoid ambiguity. It is good, if a company has its own term base, but far from every company can impress with such a document. If it is absent, a client can provide a translator with previously translated materials in order these old and new documents describe the same elements with the same words.

Another important moment is adaptation. Its significance becomes more vivid, if a translator deals with unrelated languages, as with the language pair English-Russian. In such a case, a translator must convert, for example, miles into kilometers in order recipients will be able to understand the information without additional help.

And the most important requirement to the manuals translation is the quality of target texts. Increasing sales of products, the translation quality must be of the highest quality. That is why, such materials are translated in our firm only by educated and experienced specialists, who will render every your order within a reasonable time.

Jennifer Morel, Australia

I was impressed by quality and speed of this Service. It is unreal, but it is truth.

Kevin Lechner, Belgium

I sent a big term paper and did not expect such a quick reply with the ready term paper in Russian!