Translation for Higher Education

If a student wants to receive the second higher education abroad, he or she must fill an entire documentation package in an embassy. The same procedure is performed in those cases if a person intends to authorize his or her diplomas or other educative documents in a foreign country. A notarized translation of diplomas is obligatory filed to a consular agency together with a petition.

The diplomas translation from English into Russian is performed with a notarial certification and apostille. As for the apostille, it is necessary only in some particular cases. You will obtain all the needed information concerning it in our translation firm when send us your diploma. Translation of an Official Academic Transcripts can be executed only by highly qualified specialists. In this case, a notary officer authorizes either the translation of the diploma, or a duplicate of it.

What are the costs of diplomas translation? The costs depend mostly upon a volume of a document under translation and necessity to attach apostille and authorize the document. These costs differ in every country but the apostille is more expensive than the translation itself. Costs for legalization processes depend on a country, in which a consular agency is situated. Our translation firm allows clients ordering an urgent translation. This fact will result in a higher price, but a completion period will take only one day (without regard to apostilles and legalization of documents). One should consider that the above mentioned apostilles and legalization processes extend the time of work for clients. Moreover, a representative of the translation firm will send the authorized translation of a diploma in an appropriate agency and provide all the necessary legal assistance during filing an application.

Also, our translation firm provides clients with additional services except the translation. We can state which embassies demand a notarized translation and which ones ask only a stamp of a firm. We can also advise you whether you need to do filing or a duplicate will be enough to achieve a result.

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