Translation for Internet Sphere

Today the main visiting card of any enterprise is its website, mainly in the cases when products and services of this enterprise are sold abroad. That is why such websites must be translated to attract foreign clients. First of all, it should be mentioned that the website translation requires not only a translator, but also a computer specialist who will arrange a translated text in accordance with fixed rules of information technologies. It is this specialist who will perform also additional changes to the website art style to meet the traditions and cultural needs of the recipients. For example, colours that are inappropriate to some culture must be replaced.

The website translation is a very difficult process due to the fact that a text has the form of scattered information, rather than an entire document. Initially a client must be negotiated with as to which pages must be translated. There are also some cases when particular parts of information are not translated because they are meaningful only in the source language. They are just deleted and there emerges a need to change the website arrangement in order to fill spaces.

Then the translators must find the text for rendering at the page because they must translate all the menus, error messages, button texts (save, cancel, etc.), website titles, internal reference links, and so on. Every translator should understand that the quantity of information is much bigger than it can seem at first sight. So this is a very serious task.

Apart from the computer specialist, the translators work together with an IT-expert to create a faithfully translated and working website. The participation of a script editor is also necessary to check up the made translation and correct any mistakes. However, the role of this specialist is often neglected since the most attention is paid to the appearance and a program code.

Our firm embraces all the above mentioned factors and we can declare with certainty that our best translators will perform your orders as perfect as it is possible. We have a rich experience, excellent conditions, and flexible cost for our clients.

Sarah Allen, England

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Megan Wood, USA

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