Translation in Internet

Pay-per-click advertising translation from English into Russian is a very important thing for business development. This rendering must be performed only by professionals. In other words, you must hire specialists from a reliable translation firm to translate such materials. The fact is that the translation of web-site is a main mean to attract prospective clients from a foreign country. Translated materials will allow foreign users to become familiar with your products and services as well as, probably, connect you.

Translation costs depend upon complicacy of a text under translation, necessity of formatting, localization or proofreading by a native speaker. However, the complicacy of a text has a slight impact upon costs, because modern translation firms tend to work according to a single tariff for any subject of original materials. The only exception is texts that abound with highly specialized terms. The costs for all other texts will be calculated in accordance with the number of printed characters in a document under translation and current tariff rates for translation services. Urgent translation implies higher prices, since such a translation is performed by several specialists to control and improve the quality of target texts. Of course, their efforts must be paid away.

As translation costs, execution time also depends upon several factors that are the same as those previously indicated. But, an average translation speed is ten custom pages per day, if every page contains 1800 printed characters with spaces. However, depending upon a subject of original materials, the speed can be reduced to 7-8 pages, if source materials contain highly professional terms or a great amount of precise information.

To sum it up, the pay-per click translation must be executed only by highly educated translators with excellent experience in the given subject. Only this fact can guarantee the perfect quality of target materials even within the shortest possible time. As for our translation firm, we are always ready to perform your order. If you want to obtain any additional information, just connect one of our managers, who will answer all your questions.

Jacob Haase, Germany

This company has real native Russian speakers, so it explains the high speed of order execution.

Emily Green, USA

Guys, I can advise you this website, because its interpreters are excellent! They were very useful in my case!