Translation in Literature

As we know, linguist specialists translate texts. At the first glance, it is fully unimportant whether a translator deals with several pages or an entire book. The only fact is that the translation of a book will take a longer period of time. However, the translation of books has its own peculiarities including both advantages and disadvantages.

The translation of short texts does not require from a translator following any special tactics or strategy, particularly when a client orders only an introductory translation without higher quality specifications. In such cases translators can be sure that nobody will file an objection to the quality of translation in a few weeks, since the translation has already been adopted by a client.

A situation is totally different when books are under translation. Headache begins before a translation process itself. The translation of every book must be accompanied by a contract with a publishing house. A translator must carefully read this contract before signing, since it contains very important information concerning legal liabilities of a translator.

Probably, the most important stage providing further quiet execution of mutual obligations is to agree a reasonable and comfortable period of translation. It would be better for a translator to take longer period in order to have time buffer to check a translation and for unexpected circumstances. This advice is useful not only for books translation, but also for translation of such big materials that can not be rendered into a foreign language within a single week.

The books translation from English into Russian has its own peculiarities making a whole. First of all, translators must unify all the essential terms throughout a book in order to avoid ambiguity. Secondly, a style of a translated text and its appearance must be the same throughout a whole text. Finally, a main peculiarity of the books translation is that a target text must be ready for press. In other words, not only content but also an external shape of a text must be of the highest quality.

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