Translation in Sphere of Software Localization

Software localization is a kind of translation services that is not within the power of every translation firm. This kind demands not only to have the perfect knowledge of the English language but also understand all the program terms and a user interface that must have an ordinary look. Some standard words during the software localization have several meanings, and it is important to know what variant is used in the given context and situation. It is also useful to foresee how prospective users will work with a program and cooperate with the interface.

The literate software localization is impossible without a nuanced analysis and keen perception of every process. That is why we can offer you only leading and highly educated specialists to perform your order.

Software Localization Process

First of all, the translators must familiarize themselves with the product to be localized. It is a really essential step that reveals all the details i.e. purpose, auditory as well as job characteristics. The software localization risks being questionable and mistaken without the understanding of operation principles and user profile.

The next step is to create a special vocabulary that will help to localize different programs into the Russian language. The vocabulary allows defining main terms, contractions, and abbreviations that are certainly adopted by a client. In particular, this is quite significant for joint projects, when the capacity of an order requires more than one translator. In any case, they must have common rules for the software localization to avoid different contradictions.

Only after it, the translation itself takes place with its proofreading and editing. The following step is of no little interest that aims to the localization check through the usage of a software program and evaluation of its correctness.

Then the specialists can move to the preparation of vocabulary assistance and checkout of the software localization. The ready translation is also tested during this period.

The final step is to adjust the translation to the order demands. Here we have already had the translated software but its documentation still is to be rendered.

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