Translation of Documents in Financial and Economic Sphere

Financial and economic translation is a combination of in-depth knowledge, linguistic knowledge and knowledge in the field of economics, which provide the full range of translation services for financial, accounting and auditing documentation.

Translators of translation services perform professional financial translation from English to Russian. Translation services provide translation of financial documentation, accounting statements, balances, articles, reports and different documents in economic topic. Complexity of financial translation consists in the use of specified terminology and correct selection of terms for proper designation of indicators.

Financial translation to Russian includes both bank documentation and nonbank documentation relating to insurance, stock exchange, investments, securities etc.

Most often translators can provide:

• translation of documentation of cash-flow;
• translation of documentation of IPO;
• translation of different contract types;
• translation of report of break-even analysis;
• translation of screening tests;
• translation of general presentations;
• translation of cash orders;
• translation of financial documentation;
• translation of partnership agreements;
• translation of different report types;
• translation of tender documentation;
• translation of pension documents;
• translation of corporate publications;
• translation of real estate analysis;
• translation of financial glossary;
• translation of bank documents;
• translation commercial and credit papers;
• translation of tax records.;
• translation of brokerage statements;
• translation of financial journals;
• translation of financial projections;
• translation of budgetary assumptions;
• translation of audit reports;
• translation of income statements and profit projections;
• translation of business plans;
• translation of websites;
• and other documents in the field of finances.

Translation of financial texts or customs paperwork does not permit taking liberties or synonymy. In this type of translation concentration, accuracy, lack of emotions and strict adherence to all standards are necessary. Among these qualities, a translator has to concentrate fully since besides economic terminology, there are a lot of numbers and when translating, it is unacceptable to make any single mistake.

Translators of translation services possess extensive experience in translation of documents of financial and economic topics and perform their job scrupulously, accurate and neatly because they understand the seriousness and importance of financial documents.

Andrew Smith, England

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Megan Wood, USA

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