Translation of Documents

Translation of technical, legal and medical documents from English into Russian is very popular in different organizations. A proper and urgent translation of a document can be a key factor to conclude an important contract or sign an agreement. If documents are translated from the foreign language in accordance with stylistic and syntactical norms and correspond to a content of original materials, such documents cultivate image of any organization.

Official translation of documents is a difficult process since such a translation implies not only to find foreign equivalents for words from original materials, but also to follow grammatical rules while making sentences. These rules mean that all the sentences must be made taking into account the syntactic and stylistic peculiarities of both languages and notional fullness of a text. Moreover, an adequately translated text must readable. In other words, its readers must not have a feeling that this text was translated by an electronic translator. A translated text must be natural and complete.

Of course, there are different kinds of document translation. Translators from all over the world deal with medical, technical and legal documents, and each of them has its own peculiarities. However, there is one common peculiarity that unites all these kinds. It is specific terms that must be translated with appropriate equivalents from the target language.

As for translation of legal documents, it is the most popular kind of services in the translation industry. Such materials must be translated by specialists with appropriate skills and experience, since even the smallest mistake can have serious and negative consequences. A perfect education of performers implies that target materials will be of the highest quality, because professional translators not only know the foreign language, but also are well versed in the given field. Legal documents abound with different clichés that must be rendered only with their direct equivalents. Their free or word-for-word translation is inadmissible since it can seriously damage the whole meaning of a text.

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