Translation of Economic Materials

A due diligence is a certainty factor of financial statements for a company; it provides more developed relationship between the organization and clients, partners, and different establishments. In short, it is a financial document, and its translation has much in common with an economic translation.

In the most general sense, an economic translation is a translation of accounting, financial, investment and banking documents. Today this kind of translation is as popular, as legal one. Since different world countries try to strengthen their positions at the international level, the demand for the economic translation has significantly increased. Translation of due diligence and other financial documents from English into Russian has been caused by different international corporations, active foreign investors, and statistic research, with all them providing a lot of documents written in English.

Peculiarities of Economic Translation

This style of translation is characterized with clear and naked statement. Due diligence have a great number of professional terms and definitions. Apart from the excellent knowledge of the source language, a translator must be knowledgeable in economy, finances, accounting, and international trade. He must understand the subject itself, be familiar with the special terminology, as well as follow standard structure of all the documents within the country of translation. While working with the text, a specialist must be highly attentive and punctual, because such documents contain a lot of figures that are of a high importance. Since the economy is a dynamic science, a translator must monitor its changes and keep abreast of any newest notions and inventions.

Apart from the above mentioned examples, translators in this sphere work with credit agreements, due diligence reports, accountant reports, tax reporting, and different purchase proposals. This list is extended every day.

Every translator working in our translation firm has a rich experience in the given field. Our specialists realize possible results of even the smallest mistake in such documents. That is why they very responsibly execute every order. The result is the translated due diligence of the highest quality.

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