Translation of Financial and Industrial Audits

Despite the respectively young age of audit and consulting activities in Russia, there are now a great number of their divisions. The audit activity is traditionally subdivided into financial (investment) and industrial audits. So, the first type implies a control of financial accounts of any organization and presentation of professional opinion concerning its truthfulness. The industrial audit, in its turn, combines elements of financial and pure technical audits examining manufacturing execution systems, quality monitor and control, as well as check of technical and design documents.

An audit translation pays great attention to a translation of auditors’ reports. This document provides the result of independent valuation of accounting reports. It is issued as an official document by an independent audit company. The modern business forces many companies to cooperate with foreign partners, which creates the need to present their own reports or to process different documents from partners in the foreign language. So, the proper translation of audit documents from English into Russian has become really important for many large organizations.

The main characteristic feature of this kind of translation manifests itself in frequent use of special financial terms. Only the highly experienced translators with the appropriate second higher education are able to perform such a difficult task of preserving the same stylistic meanings in the target text. We are proud to say that our translators are able to do it. The translators’ responsibility in this sphere becomes higher, because documents have complex structure and comprise a great volume of precise information. Any mistake of figures can cause unpleasant consequences for an organization. The adequate audit and consulting translation is based on translators’ professional skills and abilities.

As a result of current development of communication means, the business relations in the whole world are strengthening. This situation leads to a greater number of countries engaged in the international cooperation. But the most popular and efficient language pair for the domestic market is still English-Russian. And our translation firm offers specialists working exactly in this direction.

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