Translation of Legal Materials

Legal translation has been in demand for a lot of centuries of the society existence. For the record, it was one of the first translation types that had emerged due to the simple forms of communication between different peoples, the appearance of a written language, and development of trade connections.

Today the international relations are on the strong track that is why it is strictly necessary for speakers of different languages and cultural values to share legal information. Almost every life sphere is regulated by these or other laws and law principles while the legal translation has direct relationship to the regulatory environment. For these reasons the demand on the legal translation is picking up, which reflects on its importance and popularity.

First of all, we must notice that the legal translation falls a long way short of a literary translation. But as for its difficulty it can be compared only to a technical translation.

So, the legal translation is a quite complex process with the main difficulty lying in social, cultural, language, political, and other features of different countries. And the domain of legal relations in its turn goes hand in hand with all these characteristic features. But do not forget that any translated document must be legitimated abroad in order to go into effect. This is a very important point.

All the legal texts are characterized by the following peculiarities:
— highly specialized vocabulary;
— a great number of abbreviations, contractions, figures, and tables;
— use of clichés and set phrases;
— long sentences and bulky constructions.

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