Translation of Letters

Translation of correspondence is a special type of translation. As a rule, it can be of two types – private and business. Consequently, each of them has its own peculiarities, though there are common features, too.

For example, both types of correspondence are used, when someone needs to briefly share information or convey important details in a written form. This condition determines the accepted requirements to correspondence translation: a translated text must contain adequately rendered source materials, it must be laconic, and it must preserve grammatical structures of an original document.

Since the translation of private and business correspondence implies a great variety of complex moments, such materials must be translated by highly educated specialists, who specialize in a particular subject of texts. The main principle of every translator is confidentiality with a client. While translating, a linguist specialist must be highly attentive and exercise caution, since any letter represents an important element of social intercourse. It means that words and phrases must be carefully selected for every letter, which must find its reflection in the translation.

Every translator must consider different peculiarities of this kind of translation. Firs of all, it refers to relationship between conversation partners, since this moment can influence the tone of communication. Recipient’s national and cultural peculiarities are also important, since different countries can have different traditions. It is a task for a translator to know and follow them in order to avoid misunderstanding.

One should understand that letter structure is almost the same in many languages, while main differences are found concerning selection of words and phrases in different parts of a letter. Translators must do all their best to avoid mistakes that are able to distort the meaning of a whole text. Moreover, an adequate translation of private or business correspondence can help an author to achieve a desired result, which increases the importance of such a translation.

Being a reliable task, the translation of correspondence must be performed only by professional specialists, who have appropriate skills and experience. What is more, they are uninterested persons, who guarantee that all the information from your letters will stay secret.

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