Translation of Manually Written Texts

Almost everyday, linguist specialists from all over the world face the necessity to translate transcripts or manuscripts. As a rule, great majority of such materials is medical documents, health certificates, and abstracts of medical records, which have been written manually by a doctor. Generally acknowledged that doctors’ handwriting is difficult to understand due to its character. This task can be made only by specialists, who have a medical education and a rich experience in deciphering handwriting. The translation of such materials requires more amount of time and efforts than the translation of ordinary printed texts. There are even cases, when translators are unable to decipher some words or sentences in a source material. Then, a target text will contain an appropriate mark.

Translation costs are calculated with extra charges up to 150% from a base translation cost of a given subject. This addition to cost is predetermined by the fact that the text deciphering is made by additionally hired specialists. They ascertain their own service prices that are not included in the base translation costs.

Also, clients can order services of urgent translation almost in every translation firm. These services are very useful, when one needs to obtain a translated text of a large volume within one or several days. Of course, they are not free of charge, but extra charges of approximately 80% worth it.

In most cases, the success of complete text deciphering depends upon a quality of source materials. That is why clients must follow particular recommendations while photographing or scanning transcripts or manuscripts. These recommendations concern dimensions of image, lighting, and image quality. While scanning documents, increase image extension and point out a full-color image. Such files are recommended to be saved in JPG. or GIF. formats.

Specialists from our translation firm are ready to translate any manuscript or transcript from English into Russian within a reasonable period of time for you. To place your order, just connect our manager, who will answer to all your questions and provide you with additional information. We guarantee that you will obtain translated materials of the highest quality.

John Moore, USA

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No one company agreed to translate my text on endocrinology. Thanks to Russian Translation Services I did it well and in time.