Translation of Manuals

A manuals translation is a kind of business translation, which implies the work with different technical texts. This kind of translation requires from linguist specialists peculiar skills and experience. The best translation will be obtained only from a professional translator; the quality of the text will be even higher, if it is checked by a qualified editor. It is important to remember that a target text after a translator and an editor must be understood not only to specialists, but also to a general user.

Extension of a business and market penetration has become more and more important in the modern world. This situation can be possible due to the fact that manufacturers bring their products in conformity with demands of foreign cultures. Customers respect those firms capable to communicate with them in their native language. That is why the translation and localization of documents and goods of any company must be of the highest quality in order to interest customers.

There exists an opinion that manuals are easy to translate since they contain short and unambiguous sentences. However, manuals feature with a peculiar structure and language means that represent a serious task for a translator.

First of all, translators of manuals must find out a target audience, since texts for general users and professionals are different in the context of the language means. General users will understand only simple grammatical constructions that do not abound with special terms.

It is important to take into account that manuals require a bit different syntax from that of oral everyday speech. For example, manuals feature with imperatives and instructive texts that must be rendered in the translation in the same order as in the original. As a rule, information in manuals is logically arranged, and translators can instinctively understand the meaning of some phrases or even sentences. At the same time, there are a lot of exceptions. That is why every manual must be translated only by a highly educated and experienced specialist, who is able to guarantee the perfect quality of the translation.

One more characteristic feature of manuals is a great number of pictures with their description. These texts must be adequately translated in order to avoid ambiguity, which can be achieved only through a close cooperation with a client, since he or she alone knows the real meaning of the description.

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