Translation of Medical Documentation and Consultations

Medical translation is rightly one of the most difficult types of translation, which requires not only proficiency in a foreign language and great work experience, but also readiness to assume responsibility for every translated word; it’s not only a certificate, report or discharge, it’s a story of every specific person, their pain and hope. This is the reason why Russian translators of translation services, who specialize in translations of medical direction, are always in professional growth and development.

Translation services can help with translation of medical documents from English to Russian in the following cases:

• registration of medical products (preparation of documents package, which includes the results of a study, testing and other documentation);
• preparation for the use of new import medical equipment (a description of medical devices, surgical instruments, service manuals, presentations of new products and processes, reports of introduction of new equipment);
• consultation in medical clinics abroad (diagnosis, treatment, health records, results of patients’ surveys, documentation of patient care);
• familiarization with news in the field of medicine.

And also Russian translators are able to translate:

• documents relating to research of new medicines (clinical protocols, reports on research, materials of clinical tests, certificates of medicines);
• registration documents of medicinal products ( registration records, monographs, medical journals, articles, reports)
• clinical, toxicological, pharmaceutical and biological information, contracts, insurance reports;
• guidebooks, a description of technological processes, equipment, product marking, labels, medical questionnaires;
• glossaries of medical terminology;
• documents, which contain information about patient (medical certificates, discharges, psych records etc.).

Russian translation services are sought after by both companies and private individuals and also health clinics and insurance companies. Their trust has been earned through painstaking and intensive work. Our translation services guarantee highly-quality linguistically adapted and prepared in time translation of a medical text of any length and complexity. In addition, you can be assured of full confidentiality, safety and protection of documents.

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