Professional Translation of Metallurgical Documentation

Development of metallurgical industry makes active rules of the international market entry and, therefore, a need for high-quality translation of technical and business documentation of metallurgical subjects. Specificity of metallurgical industry consists in increased concentration of shortened word forms on a page of the text, in abbreviations and complicated technical designations. And as a result, documentation translation must be performed by a professional, who are able to convey stylistics and content of the most difficult documents with filigreed accuracy.

It’s no secret that for any specialist in the field such as translation metallurgy – one of the most difficult themes, from the point of view of a translator, and even language proficiency is never good enough to perform high-quality translation in this category.

Actually, if there was a technical document, written even in Russian, would everything be clear in it? Specific terms, subtleties of production and technological processes can be understood by only profile specialists; only they in a position to provide correct translation of such a document.

Technical translation is based on the style, characterized by accuracy of the wording, conciseness, lack of emotions, established grammatical rules and specialized terms. This type of translation requires not only knowledge of the language, but also understanding of processes, which are described in a document.

Services of professional technical translation rely on qualified staff and profile specialists in the proposed categories (engineers, developers, geologists, technologists etc.)

Translation services can provide competent translation of:

• project documentation;
• drawings;
• technical and designed-estimated documentation;
• service manuals;
• articles on the metallurgy topic;
• websites of the metallurgy topic.

Before carrying out translation a linguist has to consult with a specialist, translate text from English to Russian (or vice versa) and after that ask again for help the experts in this field. A huge number of terms have to be translated in accordance with context and meaning. The articles of this category can be complicated by schemes and other explanations, which also should be interpreted by a translator appropriately.

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