Translation of Periodic Publications

Absolutely every person regularly reads something. It is reading that provides people with all the interesting and topical information. It is ingenuous to believe that all this information can be found in a native language. The modern industry of books, newspapers and magazines translation is so developed that you can easily become familiar almost with any piece of news from all over the world.

Meanwhile, this situation can be possible only thanks to qualified translators. As for translation of magazines from English into Russian, the most important things are not only a quality of target texts, but also operational efficiency. It is impossible to believe that anyone in December will be interested in a magazine that was published in September or October. The main fact here is to perform the translation of any piece of news without delays.

It is worth mentioning that the translation of magazines originated in Venice in the 16th century, when so-called periodic publications obtained more or less modern appearance. Daily information sheets were popular not only among the Italians, but also among foreign visitors of the city, which resulted in the first translators of such materials.

Today, the translation of magazines is a very responsible task. Since, as we know, master of information is master of situation. The rendering of such materials must be executed only by specialists with extensive knowledge, excellent experience, and appropriate education.

The most important thing is a precise, adequate and full translation, since translated materials can somehow be used by different people either in their everyday life or in business. It means that translation mistakes can result not only in a translator’s tarnished reputation, but also in damaged business of other people.

Another peculiarity is emotional coloring of materials under translation. The fact is that many articles in magazines are written by different authors to express their personal attitude, and these articles can not be called neutral. That is why translators must correctly define all the original emotions, shades, and thoughts, as well as correctly render them in a target text. At the same time, translators must be familiar with all the possible stylistic stamps, different clichés, and terms.

Specialists of our translation firm can guarantee that your orders will be adequately translated from English into Russian within a reasonable span of time and at a reasonable price.

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