Translation of Presentations

A presentation and advertisement translation from English into Russian is a translation of documents, the aim of which is to convey some information about a product, a company or its services. This kind of translation is very important for every company since it is the first thing that is faced by partners or clients. It results in the fact that even the smallest mistakes in translated materials concerning a company or its goods can negatively influence a general reputation of the company. That is why it is highly recommended to follow a right translation mode, preserve emotional coloring of an original, retain an original appearance, as well as use appropriate terminology.

Sometimes, clients need to translate presentation in a prompt manner. In this case, they can order services of an urgent translation. Such a service allows obtaining translated materials within a short period without distortion of the meaning and appearance of source materials.

The translation of presentations is always executed preserving an original style of a source document. Taking into account that almost all the presentations are made in ppt. format, there are no problems with their editing. But pdf. format presentations can contain non-editable elements. There are two ways of solving this problem. On the one hand, clients can allow a translation firm creating a completely new style of target materials. On the other hand, a translation firm can perform a translation in doc. format in order a client understands which part of a translation corresponds to a particular part of an original.

Also the translation of presentations and advertisements implies a right and adequate rendering of company and product names. In order to avoid ambiguousness, some translation firms ask clients to send them early translated materials, if any. Such materials help to unify terms in all the documents.

Depending on a company sector, a presentation can contain technical, legal, advertising or financial information. So, the translation of such materials must be given only to those translators, who specialize in a particular subject. Reliable translation firms guarantee that the presentation with financial materials will be rendered by a financial translator.

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