Translation of Press Releases

A timely and strict press release translation is performed by the specialists of our translation firm. The main function of these PR-documents has been remaining the same since its appearance in 1906. A press release is an addressed message to mass media that has emerged as a result of some significant event. Moreover, the releases can both announce events inviting guests and reporters to them and inform people about past events. However, there are informational releases that inform public about an event or occasion at its particular stage.

Today we can hear that press releases have no influence. But we all know that they are very important since they are still a main PR document of almost every company. A well composed press release improves the reputation of a company and helps to obtain more clients. And vice versa, a press release containing a lot of mistakes is not taken seriously. That is why translators must carefully choose every word and construction in order to evoke particular feelings among the target audience.

The professional press release translation is required by a company if it announces itself as an active player and newsmaker at any part of the market and has a significant number of foreign and business partners. The document has traditionally strict structure, the language must be laconic and literary, because its main function is a high level of information capacity. A reader must be interested by the information occasion; news must be topical and important for the audience. And do not forget that it must not be faked or repeated several times.

A translator of press releases must not neglect that such a document always expresses an official point of view of a company and its board. That is why the strict and proper translation has an important role here. Absolutely, one must pay special attention to the translation of a headline, since it is a headline that carries the most responsible task – to arouse readers’ real interest towards the event.

You can order a literal and adequate translation of press releases and other business documents in our translation firm. The experienced specialists will competently perform all the translation activities in a short space of time.

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