Translation of Scientific Articles

Articles and reports translation is a rather difficult kind of translation. It is the most noticeable, if one needs a qualified translation of a research article to publish it in a foreign magazine. That is why it is widely recommended that such a translation must be performed by a certified translator, who specializes in a necessary subject of a text as well as perfectly knows a foreign language. In other words, the translation of research articles and reports requires from translators not only to speak fluently the English and Russian languages, but also be familiar with tone of voice in order to convey information in the most precise way. These requirements refer not only to research articles, but also to all the kinds of articles and reports.

Quality of target texts must be high regardless of difficulty level of original materials. Any mistakes and misprints can be costly since they can distort the meaning of a whole text. Original and target texts must be fully identical.

Reports and articles are translated by the most competent specialists since they take more time and cost more than any other materials. These peculiarities are connected with the fact that such texts that abound with different terms. Moreover, the translation must be adequate (not a literal one), which essentially complicates a translation process.

Since such materials are difficult to translate, linguist specialists render approximately 7 pages of a research article per day. As for other kinds of articles and reports, these materials are translated faster at the rate of 8-10 pages per day. Of course, there is a possibility to order an urgent translation. This service is very useful to translate only unscientific reports, while research articles are recommended to be translated without that service, since it can negatively influence a quality of target materials.

If you need to obtain some additional information concerning the articles and reports translation, connect our manager, who will answer to all your questions as soon as possible. Specialists of our translation firm are able to execute an adequate translation of any article or report for you within a reasonable time.

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