Translation of Tender Materials

Tender and bids translation is a translation of appropriate company documents necessary to allow the company participating in a tender. A tender, in other words a competitive bidding, is a process that selects the best performer of a particular job or the best service provider. Tender documentation can include documents of such different specifications as legal, technical, financial and marketing ones. To be more precise, such documents can be in the form of descriptions of equipment, tender proposals, agreements, marketing research, as well as business cases.

You can order the tender translation in our translation firm, since we specialize in the language pair English-Russian. If you want, we can offer you a test translation of any part of a document for you to see the quality of our works. Our additional services are urgent translation, notarized translation, and assuring translated materials with the stamp of our translation company. The main peculiarities of the tender and bids translation are the facts that the tender documents form sets of different documents. That is why such documents are processed by several persons who are real professionals in the given field. The tender documents usually require a quick or urgent translation. The urgent translation means that the whole set of documents will be adequately translated with the high correspondence to the source materials within a reasonable period of time.

Our translation firm has been providing the services of the tender and bids translation from the English language into Russian for a long time. For the moment, we have put together the team of real specialists who can perfectly perform any task concerning the sphere of tender translation. We have developed our own glossaries and translation unit databases in order to accelerate the translation and cut its costs. All the translations are performed according to the international quality standards. We have a rich experience, necessary technologies, tools, and specialists to guarantee you the quality and duly execution of the tender translation. Moreover, we translate web-sites, instructions, catalogues, and other important documents.

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