Translation Services and Outsourcing

In a down economy, spending reduction becomes the main way to preserve the effective work of a translation firm against a backdrop of lower business profitability and higher economic risks. Translation services are one of the most popular directions of outsourcing among traditional forms of office disposals to other service providers. A professional and reliable translation firm that embraces all the demands of any organization for the translation services allows reducing salary expenditure, insurance contributions, and vacation bonus paid by the organization to staff translators. Very often, an adequate choice of a translation firm will result in higher quality of target texts, since the translation firm works only with experienced and educated specialists.

When an organization has decided to apply the outsourcing, it faces the question which translation firm is the best variant for a long-term cooperation. It is interesting that strategies can differ depending on the economic situation.

Thus, during an economic expansion many organizations decide on large and well advertised translation firms. They can be found in the first Internet pages of a search system. In this case the client bears higher costs, because the translation firm needs to cover their publicity costs, routine staff, and prestige office premises.

The opposite situation is found in the times of crisis. Clients begin to more closely count their money and try to find the most economical variants. Then a greater attention is paid to small, but professional translation firms. In many cases such firms provide translation services at lower prices than the above mentioned large corporations. The best variant here is to find the translation firm created and headed by professional and active translators. In other words, the translation services must be transferred to employees who will perform your work by themselves, rather than to mediators. Direct performers have evident advantages:

1. an extra element (a mediator) is absent in mutual relations “client-perfomer”;

2. higher quality of target texts at lower prices;

3. the most important principle of outsourcing is realized here i.e. transferring particular functions to an independent performer.

Justin Diaz, Mexico

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Megan Wood, USA

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