Translation Services for restaurants

A menu is an obligatory element of every bar, café, or restaurant. Translation of menus for cafes and restaurants is like the translation of poetry, it must be beautiful and delicious, people are supposed to buy it. Translators dealing with these translations must be gourmands, they must understand and feel particular dishes and beverages, and know them to the taste, apart from having the native speaker competence.

The necessity to translate the menus is described by close modern connections between different countries and traditions. It is widely known that with every passing day more and more foreign tourists visit different countries and they feel comfort if they can find their favourite dish in local cafes. That is why the adequate translation of menus is rather important. It will also increase the number of prospective visitors and bolster the reputation of your restaurant.

Traditionally, the restaurant culture of the post-Soviet countries has created its own domesticated definitions and names of dishes, ingredients, and beverages normally originated abroad. These dishes and beverages have become so familiar to our culture due to the translation from English into Russian that they cause particular difficulties during the reverse translation.

The menu translation has its own characteristic features. First of all, every translator should remember that a lot of national dishes do not have their direct counterparts in the target language. In this case transliteration or transcription with additional explication must be applied. Moreover, while translating some dishes one must attend not only to the language peculiarities, but also to the traditions and customs of a recipient’s country.

In order to avoid silly mistakes you are supposed to translate your menu only with the help of qualified specialists. Our translators are knowledgeable in the culinary art, study special literature, and are familiar with appropriate terminology. We negotiate the translation of every menu item with a client to maximally meet the restaurant style.

The adequately translated menu is a recipe for success of your public place among tourists.

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