Translation Services for Android

Smartphones have become really popular; the same situation is with applications for them. The device allows not only to have a 24-hour`s access to the Internet but also to solve business affairs such as bank account management, bookkeeping, as well as message communication. Google Play Market is the main source of such programs for Android devices, but as a rule they are designed at one particular language. It is worth mentioning that today Android is one of the most respected operating systems that have more than 1 million users and this number is constantly increasing. That is why translation services lead these program products to the international level and multiply your revenues.

The translation of Android applications is a rather difficult task that demands the coordination of activities in all phases of the work. The translation quality depends upon several factors. First of all, an entire user interface must be translated including menu lines, buttons, state indicators, as well as information messages. This step can require the work with an initial programming code and compilers of the used language.

The translation of any software must be accorded with appropriate vocabulary in the application. The process of the translation is sometimes accompanied with the translation of support documentation such as user guides, reference tools, installation elements, and different brochures. Specialists who will perform the rendering of the application must consider cultural and market peculiarities of the target language.

The translation of most applications comes down to the translation of .properties files that contain text lines of the program and application settings.

Our translation firm offers qualitative services for the translation and localization of the applications for the Google Play Market. The team of our professionals allows you to obtain the adequately translated software from English into Russian in a short span of time. If you have a need to translate any application for Android then you must only send us your order and our manager will connect you for further instructions.

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