Translation Services for Management Board

A shareholders’ report is a document annually presented by the executive part of a company before a shareholder s’ meeting. The main goal of this report is to show the company results after the given period. The document must be affirmed by the company Chief Executive and Chief Accountant, as well as contain a preliminary evaluation.

If the company has foreign rivals or partners to present the annual report, or contains international investments, or strives to engage foreign investors the annual report has to be obviously translated. In a word, the shareholders’ report must be translated if the company has any international relationship.

A translator dealing with the shareholders’ report must have appropriate skills to handle special terms and categories that will be understandable for business association and the investors, have the perfect knowledge of finance statement questions and due diligence, as well as make short work of large tables.

Surely, the translation of such an important document as the shareholders’ report requires the translator to be extremely attentive and strictly interpret some characteristic notions.

If you need to translate the shareholders’ report from English into Russian then go to us since we have a number of advantages concerning this document. First of all, the execution of your order will be made by a highly graduated specialist who has rich experience in the field to which the document belongs. We understand the whole importance and the error cost at this level that is why we allow only real professional to translate such documents. Secondly, besides the separate translators our firm itself has a significant experience. We have successfully been working at the financial and business market for several years. Thirdly, in case of need we can translate world finance news for you to get you acquainted with topical events in the field. Also, we can perform for you the translation of marketing materials and information on market research, which can be very useful while writing the shareholders’ report.

And finally, do not forget that sometimes such an important document as the shareholders’ report must be notarized.

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