Translation Services for Police

According to its goals, a police translation is divided into a translation for procuring evidence and a translation as a main mean to provide citizens with a constitutional right to know what they are accused of. The difference between these two types is evident and a neglect of it can even result in improper court decisions and a release of a person brought to trial. And now, some more details about the second type, the main goal of which is observance of human rights.

Parties of agreements concerning compensated provision of translation services shall include a translation firm providing appropriate services, an owner of the services (institution controlling law enforcement authorities), and a service user (an authorized person who decides on whether there is a need to employ a translator).

Investigative practice often faces cases of abuse of the privilege on translators on the part of defendants and accused persons, who tend to continue court proceedings for an unreasonable time on grounds of manufactured reasons concerning unsatisfactory quality of translation services they are given. These problems must be solved by appropriate persons with substantiated decisions.

It is advised to cast all the police translation services to particularized private translation firms that have highly qualified employees with special knowledge and skills, experience and reputation, who can guarantee that their translators will timely arrive in court or police station. Moreover, this specialist must be up to that kind of multilingual cooperation.

As a way of proficiency testing, a translation firm must be accredited by an appropriate justice agency (service user) while a translator must obtain an appropriate certificate from an authorized body.

All these recommendations provide assistance to solve most, but not all issues concerning the police translation from English into Russian.

As for our translation firm, we can guarantee that our clients will obtain the perfect quality of the translated texts within a reasonable time and at a reasonable price, since our employees are highly-experienced specialists with appropriate and reliable education.

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