Translation Services for Tourists

Communication and information sharing multiply every day in the modern world. More and more people are engaged in tourism and traveling. People discover new countries and cross borders to get acquainted with other cultures and try a new way of life. Tourism industry included food, living, and transport has always differed with a high level of competition. Translation here is required to inform people from different countries about new tourist services and products of some particular state.

Regardless of the state of origin, people feel comfort if they can obtain access to the needed information that is presented in their native language. This information includes hotel reservation, reservation of a table in restaurant, excursions, and auto rental. The main objective of the tourist translation is to unambiguously render a source message, attract, and convey a prospective client.

Main Types of Tourist Translation

Probably web-site translation is the most important for tourism and traveling especially according to a modern role of the Internet. A travel agency must use their web-sites to offer services to foreign clients. That is why the translation of such information from English into Russian must be faithful and adequate.

The translation of menus for cafes and restaurants in highly populated cities is of high importance. Translated menus will not only create additional comforts for tourists but also provide good reputation for such establishments. This kind of translation is much more difficult than may seem at the first glance, since a translator must know special vocabulary to faithfully provide the information for tourists.

The translation of brochures, leaflets, and catalogues is an essential part in work of such institutions as museums, exhibitions, and theatres, which allows tourists to satisfy the culture of a foreign land.

Tourism translation services are popular and challenging. The tourism has a significant impact on the economy. That is why the translations in this sphere influence greatly the welfare of almost every country.

Megan Wood, USA

My company was a pleasure to work with RTS. Today not every website is able to provide with such good services in time and cost effective.

Andrew Smith, England

No one company agreed to translate my text on endocrinology. Thanks to Russian Translation Services I did it well and in time.