Translation Services for Transactions with Real Estate

Legal translation of documents is carried out in transactions with real estate, when foreigners buy domestic real estate. To buy an apartment, you should think about written legal translation of mortgage contracts. All contracts of sale and purchase of real estate are translated at the highest level; mistakes are excluded, since the slightest inaccuracy in translation of a mortgage loan agreement can completely change the terms of that agreement.

Consecutive interpretation takes place at a preliminary examination of an apartment with an owner or developer who tells all the nuances and characteristics of real estate, through which foreigners will be able to understand information about a property and the terms of a sale-purchase transaction. Often, developers use their own professional translators to specialize in financial and legal translation. When drafting a contract and its written translation to a foreign language, the wishes of both parties to a transaction are taken into account. After proper execution of a legal document and, accordingly translation, written translation is notarized.

If you decide to sell a property, your buyer may be a foreigner. A translation agency will provide you with an interpreter for convenient communication with a foreigner and processing a transaction. If clients themselver are foreigners, the above services will be provided to them in full at all stages of a transaction: from a first meeting with a counterparty to the registration of a transaction and registration of real estate.

If necessary, it’s possible to meet foreign clients and accompany them to all instances that need to be visited in connection with the registration of a real estate purchase transaction. To accompany a transaction with a foreign client, we provide quality consecutive interpretation and translation, as well as simultaneous interpretation if necessary.

A translation agency also offers a number of additional services related to translation:

1. Call an interpreter to a notary when it’s necessary to sign a transaction in two languages and notarize it, in case a contract is signed by a person by proxy issued by a foreigner, when concluding a contract with a foreigner and other cases. We want to remind that a translator must have a diploma, confirming a qualification. Otherwise, a notary won’t work with a translator without a confirmed qualification.

2. Support of foreign delegations — when buying a business and accompanying commercial real estate, a foreign investor can send a group of specialists for examination and familiarization. To receive foreign partners, you can use the service of interpreting foreign delegations for the entire period of their visit to your city. Also an interpreter can accompany foreign guests on excursions and on places of rest.

3. Interpreter services in telephone conversations, video conferences in real time.

In addition, to benefit foreign clients, an agency offers translation services of legal documents, technical texts, economic and financial texts, translation of personal documents, translation of medical certificates, translation of letters and electronic correspondence, translation of tender documents with participation of the organization in foreign tenders.

Laura Butler, Ireland

RTS was helpful when I almost lost a hope to get a visa. Simultaneously, the price-list is enough democratic one!

Kevin Lechner, Belgium

I sent a big term paper and did not expect such a quick reply with the ready term paper in Russian!