Translation Services Give a Chance to Join a Yoga School!

There was a time when overwhelming amount of knowledge on yoga were only available in English. English-speaking countries are much richer in the economic sphere than other countries; so many yoga teachers were more likely to find financial support for the dissemination of yoga in these countries. Also certain tolerance with respect to something new should be mentioned.

Therefore, in the full absence of knowledge on yoga in some countries translation of this subject to English was a real way to convey yoga to other countries. On the other hand, in double or sometimes triple translation of the meaning of yoga could be seriously distorted, especially if the translators didn’t do yoga and didn’t study the theory.

For this reason, now there is a different situation when the yoga followers are beginning to learn yoga directly, without mediation of American way of thinking. That’s why some knowledge of yoga begins to penetrate directly in the countries, where those followers live. And it seriously raises the level of yoga in these countries and gives sometimes amazingly deep understanding of this science of self- discovery. However, immediately there is a related problem – this knowledge remains in these countries. But yoga should belong to all mankind. As a result, there is again a need for translation of yoga to other languages, including Russian, to give a chance to as many people as possible to at least partially touch the treasure of theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga, which isn’t present in modern domestic literature on yoga.

Increasingly, there is a need to translate those gleanings of yoga, which yoga school possesses, to the maximum amount of other languages. If humanistic ideals of yoga get into the minds of people in different countries, they will affect the overall field of thought in these countries, making lives more meaningful and good. Translation services just have to give a chance to all the people to join such a grand doctrine, whatever language they speak or think. Translation of knowledge on yoga in other languages will also be a tribute and appreciation to the English-speaking countries for the great work on preservation and dissemination of yoga, which they have done in the last time (albeit with reservations mentioned above). Almost every second person in these countries did yoga at least once in a lifetime. If they didn’t have these attitudes in relation to yoga, its situation would be much worse in the world.

Work on translation of texts related to yoga to foreign languages is mainly entrusted to the translators with the formed theoretical basis and, accordingly, to those, who can speak one or another language. Students (voluntary participants) sometimes help them with this task. Of course, we hope that the Russian-speaking students, who live in other countries, will seriously help us in this, thereby helping all the people, living in those countries, regardless of whether it’s their home countries or countries that provide them with their hospitality. For its part, translation services from English to Russian will help all interested persons in translation of the texts on the theme of yoga.

Sarah Allen, England

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Megan Wood, USA

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