Translation Services Help to Create New Families

If you need a translator or an interpreter for a wedding then you have come to the right place. We offer translation services for marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions. Our specialists will help you to organize the most memorable day in your life.

International marriages are becoming more and more widespread not only in our country but also in the whole world. They are characteristic features of irreversible and modern world integration processes. That is why such notions as “international wedding” or “international marriage” are gradually being simplified because these are feelings that take centre stage for men and women from around the world rather than nationality and a resident country.

The translation and interpreting services at the wedding are very important in the international marriage and consist in translation of all the events at the wedding to the second part of guests. We offer the best translators and interpreters with rich experience who will give you the opportunity to forget about linguistic divide during the gladdest moment in your life.

If you are expected to have such an important event in your life as a marriage and in addition with a foreign national, we advise you to be scrupulous about the choice of a prospective translator or interpreter, because low-qualified work of these specialists can spoil your good mood and guests` impressions. You can facilitate the work of the interpreter by providing him or her with a wedding scenario. It is a very useful thing if a wedding planner has developed a table of events in contact with the interpreter to take account of wedding traditions and customs of both bride and groom countries in order to avoid contingent and unpleasant situations.

You should remember that if a foreign national does not speak the Russian language the presence of the qualified interpreter during the wedding ceremony in a registry office is just obligatory. So you can safely hire our experienced specialists and not worry about the result because they will do all their best to satisfy your requirements and expectations.

John Moore, USA

Many thanks for your passion, good job and desire to help people! My case was very urgent but you solved it without any problems.

Andrew Smith, England

No one company agreed to translate my text on endocrinology. Thanks to Russian Translation Services I did it well and in time.