Translation Services in Advertising Field

Our translation firm has its individual approach to translation of promotional materials. Working at every order we aspire to render a content of a slogan as faithful as possible and preserve its marketing focus. No software is able to render shades of local dialect. The qualitative translation of promotional texts with a glance to character of original residents is valuable because it retains an initial meaning of the message. However, a form can be different without detriment to the promotional focus of the text.

The English language is the most widespread language of international communication in the world that is why many people believe that it is very easy to translate texts from it. But in fact it is a delusion because there have been a lot of cases when translators just could not find an appropriate counterpart for a foreign unit of language. It is worth mentioning that errors in slogans and other promotional materials prevent people from understanding the core of the advertisement.

Main peculiarities of the promotional translation are connected with creative approach, even more than in literal translation. As a result, translators of the promotional materials are distinguished with excellent knowledge of idioms and cultural elements of a particular nation. We can state without waxing too poetic that our specialists create new products with regard to psychology of a recipient. It is not enough to translate words alone – we must render the content. That is why the meaning of the message is more important than words in the translation.

Our clients can be sure that they will reliably obtain a needed result. Any kind of texts from summary till teaser and ad poster will become the same actuator on underconsciousness of people in a foreign country, as in native one.

Our firm has the following advantages among others:
— we take up a leading position at the translation market;
— we provide an individual approach to every client since the translation is executed by a specialist with vast experience in the given filed;
— high quality of ready materials, which is approved by different certificates;
— compliance with deadlines taking into account clients’ requests.

Andrew Smith, England

No one company agreed to translate my text on endocrinology. Thanks to Russian Translation Services I did it well and in time.

Megan Wood, USA

My company was a pleasure to work with RTS. Today not every website is able to provide with such good services in time and cost effective.