Translation Services in Advertising

Advertising texts are information texts that carry some important data for prospective buyers and clients. Translation of such texts requires a non-conventional approach from a translator. In general, the advertising translation is creation of new messages in other language preserving or intentionally mistranslating essence of an original.

Main difficulties of the advertising translation in the marketing sphere lie in the fact that the translation itself of high standards is not enough here. There are cases when a quality of translation is advanced, but a style is not suitable for target audience, which results in a useful advertising. The main task here is to make the translation correspond to a goal of the original message.

European scientists have proved that the advertising is much more efficient when it is written in native language. It is explained by the fact that the advertising causes particular images for a recipient based on his or her experience. And these images are stronger and more effective if they are provoked by the native language. So, even if a person perfectly knows two or more languages, the best advertising for him or her is that written in the native language. But as for our translation firm, we offer the translation from English into Russian.

Advertising texts will be adequately translated if a client points out a future publishing type of such texts. Translation techniques greatly depend upon the fact whether the target texts will be inserted in other texts or be used as separate messages.

Our firm guarantees you a verification of the translation by native speakers who know all the subtle details of the modern language and are familiar with its slang variations. This fact not only increases greatly the quality of the text, but also helps to avoid inappropriate feelings and emotions arising in the recipients. This is of high importance in the marketing sphere, since brand names, perfectly understood in one country, can be fully absurd and ambiguous in other one.

Costs of the advertising translation in many cases are calculated on a case-by-case basis but often correspond to standard tariffs for the translation.

Jacob Haase, Germany

This company has real native Russian speakers, so it explains the high speed of order execution.

Laura Butler, Ireland

RTS was helpful when I almost lost a hope to get a visa. Simultaneously, the price-list is enough democratic one!