Translation Services in Business Sphere

In the modern world the international business is one of the most developing spheres, which is connected with the growing interest of business communities in foreign financial activities. Since cooperation partners speak in different languages, any commercial document can be drawn up only with the help of translation services. The most popular case is the translation of reference guides from English into Russian, since the English language has become an international business language.

The translation of reference guides is acceptable only if it is adequate and equivalent. Equivalence is a maximal sameness of a source materials and a target text from the linguistic point of view, while adequacy means a similar meaning both in source and in target materials. In other words, the only goal of the reference guides translation is to precisely render the meaning of an original text.

The main peculiarities of this kind of translation are the usage of clichés and set phrases as well as following certain rules. For example, apart from perfect knowledge of the foreign language, a translator must understand special details concerning such materials, be familiar with special rules of reference guides composition, as well as have a grip on summary translation.

Apart from the peculiarities, the translation of reference guides has special difficulties. Forms and blanks of reference guides are well standardized throughout the world. However, a translator must sometimes translate some phrases literally. This situation is connected with the fact that some phrases do not contain their direct dictionary equivalents in the target language. Also, such an approach will help to avoid misunderstanding the text of a reference guide, which can lead to an international scandal concerning the translation of official documents.

Another difficulty is a different semantic meaning of that or other term in the source or target languages. Mistakes concerning this peculiarity indicate a poor qualification of a translator.

To sum it up, translators of reference guides must adequately render the meaning of an original text and resemble its form.

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