Translation Services in Business

Foreign business correspondence has become an instrument to set contacts between partners from different countries. The expanding economic and business relationship with international partners result in the fact that the business leaves the framework of informal conversation. The business correspondence differs from other means of communication and features with such criteria as accuracy, completeness, shortness, and politeness.

Execution speed of translation depends upon several factors. First of all, it is influenced by a volume of the text to be translated. Usually, all the translations that contain up to ten pages i.e. approximately 3000 words are translated the next day after an order. You can also use the services of instant translation. This kind of translation means that the work will be fulfilled in an hour or even earlier depending on the volume of the text.

A key factor of the quick and qualified translation is our graduated specialists who focus themselves in themes the documents belong to. It supposes that the correspondence on legal matters is rendered by legal translators and so on. This state of affairs is very profitable and convenient since the translators do not waste time looking for field oriented information and terminology. Moreover, it significantly improves the quality and speed of the translation.

Translation services costs depend greatly on the urgency of the work. The infant translation will be performed according to the double or one-and-a-half tariff. The double tariff is applied if the source text is quite big and comprises a lot of specialized words. In other cases the extra charge will amount to a half of the price.

The business correspondence translation has been shifted to “practical effect” and its main function is to provide the partners with accurate and necessary information, rather than achievement of aesthetic effect.

We understand the whole importance of the business correspondence for every company. That is why we offer the highly experienced specialists who will perfectly translate personal and business letters from English into Russian. You are only supposed to sign the prepared text.

Justin Diaz, Mexico

At first I was afraid to pay for such services, but when I saw testimonials on the website I decided to take a chance. Now I have no doubts: next time I will apply to this company!

Megan Wood, USA

My company was a pleasure to work with RTS. Today not every website is able to provide with such good services in time and cost effective.