Translation Services in Car Rental Industry

Tourism industry today is gaining momentum at a furious pace. That is why many people prefer to travel not only in their home country, but also abroad. They are attracted by good services and decent living conditions. And car rental agencies are due in no small part to it. Such rental cars are very convenient as they enable tourist to reach any place in a foreign country without the help of municipal transport or taxis.

The car rental industry is directly associated with services of technical and economic translation and interpretation. But as for our translation firm we offer only the translation services from English into Russian. These specialist areas of the translation have not been accidentally chosen because the skills of qualified economic and technical translators are quite important. The scientific-technical style of the translation is very essential when you have a need to render technical considerations of different instructions and specifications. Clients want to know what they pay money for. A role of the economic translation can not be overestimated during the execution of a rental contract that contains a financial side of the issue.

No rental agency will confirm a rental car without appropriate documents. No matter what automobile you choose – a secondhand car or a very expensive model – you are to present at least minimum set of documents to a manager. First of all, it refers to a passport then you must have a driving license. Pay attention that most agencies do not rent their automobiles out to a tourist, who does not have at least one year of a driving experience. And of course you ought to have a credit card, even if you are ready to honour the entire sum by cash. In other case you will not simply obtain the rental car. Each of these documents must be faithfully translated and notarized. Every translator must explain to a client that the deposit he or shy has paid is a so-called voucher for a car rental agency owner that will cover any expenditure in the event of any accident.

That is why the translation in the car rental industry combines not only the rendering of rental contracts and technical characteristics of automobiles, but also embraces appropriate services in the translation of personal papers.

Jennifer Morel, Australia

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Sarah Allen, England

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