Translation Services in Legal Sphere

A development of any country results in an increasing volume of work with foreign documents. Almost every embassy, consulate, and foreign agency needs not only to write and create such documents, but also to translate them in order to promote international cooperation. This fact has opened the way for a legal translation.

The legal translation requires wide responsibility, experience, and special skills, since even the smallest mistake can carry unpleasant consequences. Legal documents are full of special terms that must be translated with the help of their equivalences in the target language. If you need to translate a law document of any difficulty, then you may address to our company, because we engage only highly qualified professionals of the given branch who can perform the translation of any document.

From the point of view of vocabulary used, there can be found several branches of linguistics that include the legal translation. There is corporate, international, contract, taxation, adjective and commercial law. Sometimes a term having particular meaning in the civil and contract law has an absolutely different meaning within the international law. That is why the translators of such texts must not only perfectly know vocabulary but also be familiar with its usage patterns and rules of texts segmentation.

The legal translation has its own peculiarities that must not be forgotten. First of all, all the documents have a definite form that must be preserved in the translation. Secondly, there are a lot of stable phrases and clichés that have stable form both in English and Russian languages. Finally, some law documents can imply a notarized translation in order to come into force.

The notarized translation must be performed only by a qualified translator; otherwise a notary officer may not confirm it. The notary officer’s subscription approves the qualification of the translator who has executed the translation. It is worth mentioning that the notarized translation may be performed only by the specialist who has obtained the translational education. It means that a usual Diploma in Linguistics does not allow its owner to perform such translation.

The notarized legal translation is often required by embassies, educational institutions, and other foreign organizations.

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