Translation Services in Religion

People from all over the world believe in mysticism and the Divine Principle from ancient times. All the peoples are characterized by devoutness and spiritual pursuance of responses for perennial questions. Despite the popular today atheistic and materialistic approaches, the religion is still very important in the modern society. It was the religion translation that gave rise to the translation industry. Translation of sacred texts is very significant to spread and settle religious doctrines in different countries. For example, missionary activities of the Christians would have been inconceivable without the translation. Strangely enough, but the requirement of translation exists even now, since there are a lot of non-translated pieces of the theological literature.

The religious translation is not just a complex and multilevel process comprising a separate kind in the translation industry, it is the science. There are numerous approaches and concepts in the religious translation that argue methods and practicability of it.

The religious translation is specific and difficult because a translator is to render a meaning as well as unveil content of a source in the most precise way. A translator must perfectly understand a text and consider all the possible stylistic peculiarities. There is also the controversial issue concerning translator’s affiliation and ideology. Some experts believe that the translation of any religious text may be performed only by a translator who belongs to the same confession as that from the text. Only in this case the translator is able to apprehend underlying meaning of the text.

While translating the theological literature, specialists use not only their linguistic skills, but also general information from history, mythology, geography, and culture. The religious materials often abound with archaic terms that do not have dictionary equivalents in the target language. This fact creates an additional difficulty for this kind of translation.

Our translation firm offers only reliable and competent translators. They are carefully chosen on the basis of their education and experience. Moreover, all the translations are checked by our editors in order to correct any mistakes, if any. These stages inevitably lead to the religious translation of the highest quality.

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