Translation Services in the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is one of the main objectives of traveling.

Entertainment, active and passive, — an integral part of a tour, and it depends on the direction and type of travel. The list of types of entertainment also depends on tourist’s nationality, their traditions and their current way of life. There are also general types of entertainment, which are easily perceived by any groups of tourists.

Most often entertainment is built on organization of excursions to sites of tourist’s interest – museums, historical monuments, sightseeing tours of the city or locality, observation of natural phenomena and beautiful landscapes and other educational or recreational activities (shopping and gambling).

Translation services in entertainment may be necessary for enterprises, the main activity of which is related to the satisfaction of human needs in entertainment: circuses, zoos, games store, attractions, theme or amusement parks, etc. A variety of entertainment, including stationary and traveling theaters, cinemas, art studio, concert organizations and groups also provide entertainment processes. Entertainment is inherent in physical training activities and sports (in artificial water basins, in gyms and sports clubs, manege etc.) and also visiting of sports related enterprises.

All of these enterprises require translation from English to Russian of the following items :

• general geographical and socio-economic information about countries and cities;
• materials on the organization of seminars, conferences, excursions and tourist programs;
• menu of national cuisines;
• descriptions of tours, cruises, excursions, resorts, beaches, hotels and casinos;
• programs of corporate parties and entertainment events;
• articles and essays about traveling, exotic countries and islands, national festivals and dancing.

Translation services take into account all aspects of popular culture and entertainment industry. Also we perform translation of computer games, their Russification, translation of services manuals to gaming machines and video equipment, duty regulations for attractions workers and translation of any texts of the marketing direction.

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