Translation Services in World Politics

A political sphere is one of the largest and the most important life spheres. It used to be very important at Soviet times, but it does not mean that today this sphere is unpopular. Vice versa, its force is increasing due to the influence of Internet and mass media. This field has its own traditions, characteristic features, and structural organization. That is why it differs with particular requirements.

The translation of political texts from English into Russian takes on a new meaning in the modern context, since it acts as a main mean of interrelationship on the global political stage. Foreign audience has a huge volume of political materials and it keeps increasing concerning the international situation.

The political style resembles greatly the belles-lettres style. Very often political materials feature with an excessive use of phraseological units, since they emphasize, specificate and characterize such texts. However, it is the phraseological units that constitute the main difficulty in the translation, which results in numerous semantic and stylistic mistakes.

The political translation specifies the highest demands for translators. Firstly, this kind of translation implies the perfect knowledge of politology, history, legislation, as well as many other connected disciplines. Translators of political materials must be familiar with these sciences in both native and foreign languages.

Secondly, this kind of translation must be accompanied by knowledge of specific vocabulary, competence in the language stylistics, as well as correct material presentation. These skills of sociopolitical translation are impossible to learn without the professional linguistic education. That is why a translation, made by a beginner in this sphere, can lead to serious negative consequences.

Thirdly, the political translation must be executed with the help of clear statements and strict structural rules. A translator here is to adequately cover all the logical emphases of the original text.

And the last characteristic feature of this kind of translation is its urgency. Political materials refer to the texts that very soon become irrelevant. That is why a translator’s working speed plays a pivotal role here.

Jennifer Morel, Australia

I was impressed by quality and speed of this Service. It is unreal, but it is truth.

Jacob Haase, Germany

This company has real native Russian speakers, so it explains the high speed of order execution.