Translation Services Provide Easy Way to Use Toys

Instructions for use of toys are documents, in which information about the product is described in detail, and also its characteristics and rules for the use are specified. This type of translation is one of the most difficult types and it requires inclusion of degreed translators, who also specialize in technical subject of translations (if toys are electronic) in order to provide high-quality translation.

Translation of instructions for use of toys is always performed by a professional Russian translator and also read by editor, who specializes in the necessary field of translation.

Translation of user’s manual is also complicated by the fact that usually all manuals have illustrations and schemes, which help the user to navigate the product. In other words, the aim of placing such materials is to demonstrate the use of the toy or provide supplementary clear explanations. These pictures must necessarily be in translation. Accordingly, a translator, in addition to the main text, has to translate an instruction and text on the picture and put it in the right place. The problem is that in translation the length of the sentence or word combination can be changed and it will affect finalizing the text, so it’s necessary to select translation with the appropriate length and without losing the meaning of the original.

Another difficulty is a selection of correct terminology or base of terms, which is should be used in translation, especially, if there is a need for qualitative translation of technical instructions for use of electronic toys. Usually specialists choose the most common terms for a necessary topic of the text. But often there are cases, when clients themselves use very specific terms and text of a document requires the use of such terminology. In this case, used terminology is provided after translation to a client so that it would be possible to agree on it and correct throughout the text. And sometimes terminology is provided before starting translation. Also the solution to this problem can be to provide correct terminology by the client. This can be previously translated documents, websites or competitors instructions. With help of such materials a translator can easily look at proper terminology.

Technical translation of instructions for use of toys is a very difficult task for many companies since it requires selection of qualified translators. We cooperate only with specialists, so we can provide professional written translation of instructions and manuals.

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