Translation Services Save Lives

A medical translation is one of the most popular kinds of a translation practice. This specialization embraces a wide variety of different documents. Pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing of medical and laboratory equipment, and scientific articles in the sphere of the latest medical achievements are of global nature. That is why the demand in the high-qualified medical translation is increasing every day. In addition, an importance of this translation is described by healthcare industry development, large scale research activities, and possibilities to depart for medical treatment abroad.

People require the medical translation from English into Russian in various situations. First of all, when there exists a need to register different medicinal products in Russia (research results, testing, etc). Also, they can fall back on translators’ services to prepare import medical equipment for use (medical instrument notes, operational manuals) and to take stock of topical news in the medical field.

The qualified translation of medical documents is a difficult and labour intensive process because a medical vocabulary does not allow ambiguousness and obscure wordings since an error rate is human life or health.

Medical texts are characterized with great number of terminology, contractions, and special words. Coincidently one and the same notion can have two and more unequal counterparts in the target language. The choice of a needed variant depends upon a context and must be precise. One more characteristic feature of this kind of the translation practice is the use of Latin words to determine some chemical agencies, microorganisms, and termed diagnoses. These foreign terms will not deceive our experienced translators because they are aware of all the peculiarities.

Our translation firm works together with legal bodies, individuals, as well as clinics and insurance companies. We guarantee the high quality medical translations of any volume and difficulty, performed in time. You can stand fully assured of absolute confidentiality and safety of your documents. We have a rich experience in this particular translation.